Protestants en poitou, Généalogie des familles huguenotes du 16e et 17e siècles

The region

The Huguenots have to accomplish long distances in order to get married or to christen their children during congregations. Indeed, there are not many clergymen nor religious places.

  • Couhé and Montreuil-Bonnin

    Those 2 places are named « églises de fief ». It means that the local noble family hosts in her castle the itinerant clergyman as well as the faithfulls who come to attend to the congregation.

  • La Mothe-St-Héray, Lusignan and St-Maixent

    Those 3 places are called « églises dressées ». This means that there is a building which is dedicated to the congregation and a « ministre du Saint-Evangile » or clergyman.

  • Mougon and Chef-Boutonne

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